Flowback & Welltesting


Flowback & Well Testing Equipment

Stuart’s Flowback and Well Testing services provide safe, customized and dependable well testing and flow control. Stuart equipment includes a fleet of NACE equipment – capable of handling hazardous flow streams including H2S and CO2 as well as high wellhead pressures and temperatures. Stuart operates under strict QAQC procedures and documents all maintenance history regarding equipment to ensure high performance standards and customer satisfaction. Equipment performance curves and custom engineered equipment solutions are developed according to the clients’ specific, unique needs.

Stuart’s new Green Completion Equipment enables Stuart to provide customers with the latest technologies that reduce project costs, minimize waste and reduce any associated disposal liabilities. Additionally, Stuart’s “Smart Command Center” offers real-time data to customers via the internet. Fluid properties including temperature, flow rate and pressure are some of the metrics provided. Stuart’s highly experienced team members work together with their customers in order to interpret this data and to provide all clients with the information they need to make well improvements such as increasing well efficiency, productivity and performance and helping them to plan for the future.

Hydraulic Manifolds

Pressure rated up to 15,000 psi

Hydraulic Command Center with Automation

Gate valve manifolds

5 & 9 valve manifolds

Hydraulic & Manual Plug Catchers

3 & 4 phase separators

Low pressure separators 250 psi to 740 psi

High pressure separators 1440 psi to 2220 psi


Sand Separators

Line Heaters

Pressure Rating to 10,000 psi

1 mmbtu to 2 mmbtu

Flare stacks

4 in & 6 in

40’ & 60’

Flow crosses

2-1/16 in to 7-1/16 in

Pressure rating 5,000 psi to 15,000 psi

Emergency shut-down valves 2’’– 4’’ flanged & hammer union style iron

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