Management System

The Stuart HSE Management System

The Stuart HSE Management System defines the principles by which we conduct our operations worldwide with regards to health, safety, and the environment.

This document describes the elements Stuart has chosen to use to manage HSE risk and thereby protect the health, safety, and environment of our workers, communities, and neighbors. The processes Stuart uses to plan, implement, assess, and adjust to continually improve HSE performances are outlined in each element of this management system document.

Additional detail for the work processes are defined in the HSE Standards and/or Procedures which are referenced within each element. In some elements, resources and/or tools that assist in carrying out the work processes for the element are provided.

The processes identified in this management system document will be implemented across Stuart businesses through the completion of district procedures that incorporate the requirements of the processes.

Element 1

Leadership & Commitment to HSE

Element 5

Operational Control & Safe Systems of Work

Element 9

Environment Protection

Element 2


Element 6

Emergency Preparedness

Element 10

Audits, Inspections, Measurements & Improvement

Element 3

Hazard Identification & Control

Element 7

Personnel Work Apparel & PPE

Element 11

Quality & System Controls


Element 4

Incident Reporting & Investigation

Element 8

Occupational Health Control

Element 12

Offshore Operations