Health, Safety & Environment - Policy

A Letter from the CEO

At Stuart Pressure Control we believe the success of our organization begins with an uncompromising commitment to the well-being of employees, contractors, customers and the environment. With a culture built off of safety, the best equipment, and the right people, Stuart is always ready to exceed customer expectations and deliver best of class service.

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and at Stuart it is more than a focus or a priority, it is a heartfelt value and it will not be compromised in the pursuit of any other business goal. Every employee at Stuart is responsible and accountable for maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and environmental compliance.

At Stuart we are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest HSE standards by:

  • Complying with all applicable federal and local laws and recognized industry safe practices. Stuart requires that all contractors and other parties performing work for on behalf of Stuart similarly comply;
  • Continuing to develop and nurture our culture of no harm to people, assets, and the environment;
  • Demonstrating visible leadership commitment and communication;
  • Ensuring systems are developed and implemented to identify, assess, monitor, review and control HSE impacts related to our operations;
  • Performing regular HSE audits, reviews, and inspections to promote proactive measures versus reactive incident management;
  • Promoting hazard identification to ensure risks are assessed, eliminated, or adequately controlled at a level as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP);
  • Providing the necessary resources to train our employees to understand and perform their job duties in a safe and environmentally sound manner;
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of the HSE Management System.

This HSE policy statement is the foundation that supports our HSE Management System. It establishes our management philosophy with regards to HSE.

This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure continued suitability and will be communicated to all employees, contractors and customers.

Joe Compofelice

Chairman & CEO

Steve Norris                                                                 Charlotte A. Bellon, ASP

Sr. Vice President                                                         HSE Director