Well Intervention


Well Intervention Services

Well intervention services are based upon safe solutions for mechanical failures on wells where trapped pressure is potentially involved. Whether the problem is due to a failed safety valve at surface, a flowline component that is pressure locked, a frac valve or other wellhead component that will not functioning properly, Stuart Pressure Control provides experienced planning and successful execution when delivering safe resolutions.

Stuart Pressure Control’s well intervention services team has all necessary experience as well as the required tooling technology to address pressure intervention situations.

  • Freezing – Liquid N2 Cryogenic Freezing is utilized to address temporary pressure barriers that allow replacement installation and/or repairs of malfunctioning pressure components. No harm to tubulars or wellhead components.
  • Hot Tapping – Pressure controlled drilling is used to create an opening through a tubular or casing wall, a flange or flange component, or a valve body or gate allowing the presence of pressure to be confirmed, bled off and/or an entry point to pump into and kill pressure.  These and other solutions come from Stuart’s ability to think outside the box to arrive at solutions that meet unconventional situations.
  • Valve Drilling – Pressure controlled milling, are mainly used on vertical wellhead valves to create a full gauged opening that allow mechanical pressure control devices to be utilized (wireline or pump-down plugs) which create a barrier for necessary operations to repair the wellhead. This is also used for removing nipples in surface profile components that are frozen in place that cannot be removed conventionally and to create API outlets on flanges and bodies of wellhead components to allow emergency outlets to the well bore.

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